This is just another awesome release for 2014 for your sci-fi shooter needs… I’ve read people saying Killzone+ Resistance= Destiny but I personally think it gives off more of a Borderlands play through with a Call of Duty/ Halo action.  Check it out for yourself!


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Dying Light

Wow after watching the full demo trailer this thing looks jaw dropping good.  I liked how it reminded me somewhat of the same playstyle as dead island but on a whole different scale. The free running looks flawless from what I could see, graphics are hell of a lot better, and this game looks like it’ll give a virtual feel of fight or flight adrenaline rush.


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Dark Souls 2

Just watched this video on what people claim to be the hardest game to play out right now… Gahhh even watching the video made me mad to see people dying by a single combo… And then to lose your stuff on top of it would be nerve racking!   At the same time you need that thrill of challenge to make you feel like you accomplished something.  Im thinking of getting this for myself give some feedback if you been playing it or just want to comment.


I do not own this video it is for entertainment purposes only

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Titanfall to Xbox 360

The wait is finally over and Titanfall is finally coming to Xbox 360.  All the wall jumping and mech fighting will probably jump this game into a contender for best shooter of 2014.



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Handheld Consoles


Handheld consoles have died out a little with superior consoles available, but with the release of the Nintendo 3ds and suitable games to keep you entertained for hours or just quick sessions between your busy schedules hopefully this will end.  A favorite for many, Pokémon X and Y has made a huge jump from the 2d world to 3d with excellent curb appeal and the option to train every Pokémon from even Pokémon Red and Blue for the older fan base.  If that doesn’t interest you there are other good options like Bravery Default which plays out like traditional Final Fantasy games since it was developed by Square Enix.  Bravery Default offers more of a customizable experience with armor, weapons, and several class setups.

Old School Gaming


My opinion Resident Evil 4 is one of the best action horror games that revolutionized over the shoulder shooters and button sequence action scenes.  Definitely check this one out on the Playstation Network or wherever you can get yourself a copy.

Old School Gaming


Legend of Dragoon was an awesome game for the Playstation1 being part of the Greatest Hits collection.  Surprisingly not many people I know have even heard of this game which gives more emphasis to share this with you. Fight style is very unique making every move requiring players to hit the corresponding button for each attack sequence.  This unique-ness gives challenge and reward when players complete a combo or the frustration when you mess up in a tight boss fight.  Besides normal sword combos players can transform into a powerful elemental dragoon when you find their corresponding dragon stone.

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls DLC

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Battlefield 4

Since Battlefield3′s release, it has competed for one of the best multiplayer shooters out there rivaling Call of Duty.  I like the realistic feel on how your gun recoils and the ability to play as tanks, jets, etc… But some time the realistic nature of the game goes overboard when killing someone feels more luck based than skilled with the fire patterns and the aiming of lmgs and snipers.  Even though it still feels great to get that long range one hit headshot.

Last of Us

Last of Us one of the most thrilling games of 2013 along with over 200 awards to boot has announced they are making a re-mastered edition for new console owners.


Borderlands the Pre Sequel

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Call of Duty Ghosts Devastation

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Call of Duty Ghosts Camo

Weapon camos should go back to a point based system like MW3 even though their gold camo took forever to get with less attractive guns… I feel like they went to achievements for lower skilled players because half of them are luck or camping based (Rescue and Lean Kills).   If they really wanted achievement camos I believe they should base it on the achievements like Omnicide etc…  Also I really enjoy the soldier customization but think they should add more FREE costumes because once you unlock the better ones, normally that’s all you wear.

Call of Duty Ghosts Killstreaks

Cod will be Cod but I think they should bring back some of the aerial and more powerful killstreaks because I find myself getting more kills with my gun than using any assault package…  What do you think?